We the animals all live while our hearts beat.

Heartbeats is an info-art piece to make the heartbeats of animals visible and audible. Each animal in Heartbeats has a corresponding melody that plays to the speed of their hearts. Enjoy the harmony of all animals in the Tile view and click on any animal to focus on it.

More than 150 species of animals are going extinct every day. Perhaps considering the beating, breathing lives of these animals will help us do what we can to slow this extinction down. We are all in this together, sharing this planet in potential harmony if we strive for it.


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Created by PatternBased
Art and Code by Siori Kitajima
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Music by Joseph "Bunny" Minadeo


Made with amazing tools including Lottie, Howler.js, and VCV Rack.

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This chart is showing heart rate and life expectancy of animals. Touch one to learn more. The gray area represents One Million beats per lifetime.

Heart Rate Life Expectancy Total Heartbeats